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Parking technology is about people. Today’s parkers expect the places they visit to take advantage of technology so they can get parked smoothly, paid easily, and on their way quickly. With ParkingSoft, you can improve their parking experience while helping your bottom line.

No more shoving dollar bills into tiny slots. No more guesswork. ParkingSoft makes it easy to find, reserve, and pay for parking with the push of a button – at a terminal, via a device, or on a smartphone. Our reputation is built on our technology, and we’ve got the most sophisticated yet user-friendly parking management solutions on the market today. We developed all of it with your success in mind.

We’re leading the industry with:

Hosted Technology
The ParkingSoft solution uses hosted technology to ensure that you and your customers can access the information you need, when you need it. A robust user management portal is always available online, and the hosted solution also alleviates the expense and time associated with maintaining your IT infrastructure.
Revenue-Focused Reporting
Our solution is designed to capture detailed financial information. Minutes count the instant a parker enters your facility, and all reports show the money you made during any defined time period, and how much money you could have made with other rules in place (such as no discount coupons, free parking promotions, etc.).
Intelligent Software
The ParkingSoft solution provides a single access point to your entire operation. From one screen you can access the user management portal which allows you to find the crucial data you need to make smart decisions. The system also enables your customers to manage their frequent parker or loyalty programs.
Reliable Hardware
From entry and exit devices to cashier terminals and paystations, we provide the hardware you need, configured to your specifications. Once your hardware is set up, our team of parking and technology experts will provide ongoing assistance. Support is available 24/7 and can be tailored to fit your specific operational needs.

Cloud Technology

We at ParkingSoft see ourselves primarily as a software solutions company. We were the first company in the parking industry to offer cloud computing solutions. Our cloud services allow our customers to manage their facilities and their parkers from any browser, anywhere in the world. ParkingSoft’s devices are manufactured in the US and meet the highest quality standards and our hardware works seamlessly with our robust, cloud-hosted applications.

Our reputation is built on technology – we use the latest innovations to build some of the most sophisticated, yet user-friendly parking management software solutions in the industry. ParkingSoft’s cloud solutions are developed with one thing in mind – your success – and because we’re the technology experts, you can trust that you’re getting the best features and functionality available.

ParkingSoft Cloud Technology

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