People want payment options. Whether your garage is fully automated or you’re offering additional payment options in a staffed garage, pay stations from ParkingSoft allow parkers to walk up (Pay on Foot) or drive up (Pay in Lane) with multiple payment methods: bills or coins, cards, discounts/vouchers, and card on file. These stations feature a barcode scanner that reads both paper tickets and mobile devices; they work flawlessly with the exit kiosks to speed exit, and they make it easy for parkers who have overstayed their paid time to pay for the lag in lane.

ParkingSoft’s pay stations are low-maintenance and reliable: they are designed with weatherproof cabinets and vandal-resistant faceplates, buttons, and screens. Options include lost ticket buttons, HID, CCTV, intercoms, video capabilities, and customization options. We’ve thought of all the details that save time and reduce operational costs – each unit is even equipped with a bill and coin recycler so you won’t need to refill the change dispenser as frequently.

Key Features

  • Large screen and vandal proof buttons
  • TCP/IP communication
  • Accepts and dispenses cash and coin
  • Thermal bar-coded tickets
  • Custom text
  • Dispenses up to three types of notes and four types of coins
  • Integrated bill recycling for larger capacity
  • Five Point Locking System – Heavy Gauge Steel Housing and Door
  • Note: Dispenser can be reloaded without opening device, limited access to cash collected

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